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Black Friday Offer

Free PPC Audit

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What do we look for in a PPC Audit?

Negative keyword: Are you wasting your budget on irrelevant clicks?

3/4 adverts per ad-group: Is there good use of spilt testing to see which adverts convert better?

Are your adverts updated to make the most of new Google changes? You can now add a extra headline and use 50% extra text in your adverts.

Do you have the right match types for your keywords? Are you wasting budget on keywords competing with each other?

Conversion tracking: Is this set up correctly?

Advert extensions: Are you maximising your adverts with extensions?

At PPC Junkies we have the skills to turn a poorly optimised campaign into a well refined PPC campaign. With our tweaking, monitoring and constant refining, combined with our expertise we will make your campaign a success.

To claim your free PPC Audit, or to find out more:

0845 373 0596

or simply complete the form above and we’ll be in touch.

Terms and Conditions of Free PPC Audit

1) Offer is limited to one adult per customer

2) Subject to minimum Google Ad Spend of at least £500 per month

3) We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice