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PPC Junkies

PPC Junkies are a team of expert PPC advertisers who focus all of their time on Pay Per Click Management, here at PPC Junkies we work on all kinds of Google Adwords campaigns both large and small. From our years of knowledge in the online marketing industry we have built up a large and varied knowledge base. This knowledge surrounds the subject of quality score, relevant ad texts and improving CTR (Click through rates) but most importantly we work with you as a business to increase your ROI (return on investment) and work together to create a successful online business.

Why Choose PPC Junkies?

A PPC campaign gives you the ability to instantly advertise your website on search engines whilst still being able to control your ads and budgets. PPC Junkies know the importance of gaining the most out of your campaign and ads to get the best return for your business. This is why our Pay Per Click experts will do all they can to create you a campaign that is effective and efficient, using split testing, bid stacking, dynamic keyword insertion and more techniques to get you to the top of the pile, by increasing quality scores and reducing your CPC ( cost per click).

PPC Junkies for SEM

Are you already running an Adwords campaign? Are you running a Microsoft Adcenter campaign and want to start on Adwords? Don't know where to turn for your PPC Management needs?

Search engine marketing can be a large and confusing market especially when every agency tells you the same thing. PPC Junkies are here to help your business grow online, whether you need to advertise on Google Search or the display network, we will do what is right for your business!

If you are already investing in SEO and want to compliment this with a PPC campaign, we are here to help. PPC always runs smoothly alongside a SEO campaign, whether this is to test your target market or to see which keywords are being searched for.

Pay Per Click Training

Do you ever wonder how PPC is done? Do you think about how your competitor is always ranking above you? Well now PPC junkies are running Pay Per Click training courses because we know that it is important to share our knowledge with businesses across the UK.

The Pay Per Click training course covers everything you need to know about advertising on the search engine, from how to create a campaign to how to increase conversion rates and lower your CPC (cost per click).

PPC Junkies Experience

As a business PPC Junkies have been managing successful Pay Per Click campaigns for over ten years. By keeping up to date with the latest marketing techniques and making sure that we research, understand and have knowledge in your industry makes our experts extremely efficient in driving traffic to your site that is relevant and that will convert.

If you want to speak to one of our experts just call on 0845 373 0596 and they will be willing and ready to answer any questions on how we can help you run a successful Google AdWords campaign.