Google AdWords Campaign Management

PPC Junkies are 110% committed to getting your business the results you deserve, no matter what ad platform you choose. Using our extensive knowledge of PPC, our team of professionals know exactly how to optimise your ad campaign to get the click throughs and conversions that matter. We are exclusively dedicated to Pay Per Click marketing and are constantly coming up with ways to expand on our techniques and give you the best service possible.

PPC Management

To assemble and run a highly successful, affordable and targeted PPC campaign, our process has three key parts. These are:

Campaign Analysis

As soon as we have received your keywords (as well as any other information you feel may be beneficial to us) we will begin our analysis stage, where we research which of your keywords will work best for you in terms of search results, work on long tail examples to increase the relevancy of searches and research your competitors. We want to make sure you get the most for your money, so you'll feel confident knowing you're only bidding on relevant keywords.

Campaign Optimisation

Once we have structured your campaign, we put it into practice. We create your Ad Groups where we sort your keywords into groups of similar themes. These keywords are then duplicated as the two type of keyword match we generally use, exact and phrase matches. We use these two as they tend to generate the largest amounts of CTR. We write compelling adverts for you, specific to your company, to lead to the largest amount of conversions possible.

Campaign Monitoring

We monitor your account constantly, to see if there are any alterations that could be made to get you a higher CTR, or save you money. You will receive a monthly report from us so you can also track the progress of your campaign and see where the results are coming in.

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