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Google AdWords Campaign Management

Google Adwords Campaign Management from PPC Junkies allows you to get more from paid advertising by refining your campaigns to reduce the cost of each click, whilst increasing the volume of conversions. This results in more sales, and higher profits from the same volume of investment.

Using our extensive knowledge of PPC, our team of professionals know exactly how to optimise your ad campaign to get the click throughs and conversions that matter. We are exclusively dedicated to Pay Per Click marketing and are constantly coming up with ways to expand on our techniques and give you the best service possible.

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PPC Management Profits Example

PPC Management With PPC Junkies!

A PPC Management campaign with PPC Junkies allows you to gain three significant things!

  • Generate new leads by increased both targeted and relevant traffic!
  • Find new customers who have intent to buy products!
  • Gain return on investment!

What Do People Say About A PPC Management Campaign With PPC Junkies?

We have assisted many clients with their PPC advertising campaigns. Using our skills and knowledge we are able to provide them with a campaign that meets the needs of their business. However, don't just take our word for it; here is what one of our previous clients wrote about our PPC services.

“PPC Junkies helped me to tighten up my campaign and I am now seeing results for my Adwords spending at last. Thank you PPC Junkies!"

Our campaign process has three key parts, which are:

  • The Analysis. As soon as we receive your keywords (and any additional information which you feel is beneficial to us) we will begin the first stage; the analysis stage.

At this stage we will research which of your selected keywords will work best for you; work on long tail examples to increase relevancy of searches and we will also research your competitors.

  • The Optimisation Stage. After we have structured your campaign, we begin to put it into practice. We will create Ad Groups; sorting your keywords into groups of similar themes.

These keywords are then duplicated so we can use multiple types of keyword matching. The two types of matching we generally use are exact and phrase matching. These two tend to generate the largest amounts of CTR (click through rate).

Additionally we will write compelling adverts for you; specific to your business.

  • Campaign Monitoring. The campaign isn't over once the adverts are posted. We monitor your account constantly, this way we are able to see if there are any changes that could be made to give your adverts a higher CTR, or save you money!

As a part of our PPC management campaign you will receive a monthly report from us, enabling you to track the progress of your PPC campaign and see the results for yourself.

The Benefits Of PPC Management

One of the fantastic things about PPC advertising is that you only pay when people actually click your advert.However, the cost per each click could vary from click to click and without the right knowledge about PPC advertising, your cost per click could increase dramatically.

With a PPC management campaign, you can refine your campaign to not only reduce the cost of each click, but also increase the volume of conversions!

An Ongoing Process

As PPC is an ongoing process you need to constantly refine the campaign. Unlike other forms of advertising such as a newspaper advert, you are not finished once the advert is posted. With PPC you need to constantly refine the campaign in order to increase the relevancy of your campaign.

PPC Junkies will refine your PPC campaign by targeting the correct keywords and making sure that the adverts reach the correct landing page. Additionally we will be searching for methods to improve your Ad's quality and will remove negative keywords.

What Is An Ad Rank?

Ad Rank is a rank that your advertisement is given when somebody types in a search query. The advert with the highest AdRank is placed at the top of the paid search results. The Ad Rank has two main factors.

1. Is the Ad relevant to the query?

2. How much is the advertiser willing to pay for the click?

In order to calculate your Ad rank, the cost per click is multiplied by something that is known as the quality score.

Google understands that customers do not want to be bothered with irrelevant Ads. Quality score is a metric that is Google uses to assess the relevancy of the Ad to the search query.

A PPC management campaign from PPC Junkies can improve your quality score; this means you will pay less per click for the higher position.

Why Should You Choose PPC Junkies?

Pay Per Click advertising is becoming increasingly more competitive and in order to succeed in a PPC marketing campaign you need the help of an expert. At PPC Junkies we have the experience and the 'know-how' to deliver results!

There are numerous benefits to working with PPC Junkies. You will receive a dedicated account manager, monthly reporting and monthly monitoring with refinements to the campaign when required.

From the 'get go' you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. This account manager will work with you to achieve your revenue goals. The manager will communicate with you on a regular basis and also provide you with metrics, sharing details about the success and progress of your campaign.

Additionally, our campaigns can grow as your business does. This allows you to protect your investment by investing at a level that suits your business, and then grow your campaign as your business grows.

PPC Junkies are PPC addicts, we have the skills required to turn a poorly optimised advertising campaign into a well refined PPC campaign. With our commitment to monitoring and constantly refining a campaign combined with our expertise; we have the skills to make your campaign a success.

If you would like to contact our team, you can do so in a number of different ways.