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Google AdWords Optimisation

Here at PPC Junkies, the main paid network search provider that we deal with is the Google AdWords advertising programme, as we believe that it offers the most effective search engine marketing solution – both in terms of ROI and the sheer reach it has to gain potential customers.

Though our PPC Optimisation service, you will be able to have 24/7 access to detailed performance reports on your campaign, which will help you to track the effectiveness of your ads. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer support team will always be ready to assist you with any queries that you may have and help to push your campaign to be as unique and successful as possible.

The Advantages of Using Google AdWords For PPC Optimisation

Able to create keyword-targeted ads that you can manageyourself, Google AdWords gives advertisers complete control over theircampaigns. Not only can you take advantage of their cost-per-click pricingsystems, which sees you only pay for the clicks that you receive on your ads ata price that you set, but you can also create multiple ads that can be targetedat one or more keywords.

The other benefits of Google AdWords for PPC Optimisation includes:

  • Distribution. Aside from appearing on Google's search engine for your chosen keywords, customers will also have the opportunity for their ads to show on Google's numerous partner networks, including AOL search, and Netscape. Customers will also have the option of enabling their ads to be displayed on their content network of hundreds of thousands of different websites, such as, and This content network can reach around 75% of unique users in more than 20 languages and in over 100 countries. What's more, is that you are able to select the sites you want to advertise on yourself or let Google's ad targeting to do the work for you.
  • Targeting Options. Speaking of targeting, an online ad will need the help of sophisticated targeting tools in order to maximise the ROI on a search marketing campaign. The targeting abilities of Google AdWords are extremely sophisticated and provide advertisers with a vast number of channels on which to advertise, which include:
  • Location Targeting. For your ad campaign, you can specifically target a geographical location in which to show your ad; handy if your particular product or service is designed for use in certain locations. You are able to choose locations by country, areas within each country – even particular towns, cities and the radius' around them. What's more, is that AdWords has also got an option for you to target your ads at people who may be searching or viewing pages about the location that you're targeting – even if they aren't present in the location itself!
  • Mobile-Only Targeting. Recently, the number of internet users who used mobile devices to browse the internet surpassed that of those who do so from a desktop PC for the very first time. With mobile technology and connectivity set to improve as time goes on, that gap will only widen. For advertisers, Google AdWords has an enhanced PPC Optimisation campaign feature that allows advertisers to target mobile phone users. With devices constantly evolving, growing their abilities and capabilities, targeting mobiles with AdWords provide new, exciting opportunities for businesses who want to customise their ads to a certain audience.
  • Other channels include Language Targeting, which gives advertisers over 40 language options to target their products at a wide, international audience. Time Targeting, that allows advertisers to target certain times of the day for an increased level of customisation and Auto Tagging that allows for the automatic tracking of destination URL's for analytics tracking, which previously had to be done manually.
  • Measurability. With many other types of advertising campaigns, there isn't an accurate way in which you can sufficiently measure how many people the ad has reached and more importantly, how much of a success it has been. By understanding which aspects of your campaign are a success and which aspects are not, you can concentrate on the areas in which you are successful – and this is something that can be measured with Google AdWords. Every aspect of your campaign will be tracked; the number of clicks your Ad that has received, the number of impressions it has made, the actual click-through rates, the conversion rates, and much more.
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Improve Your Rankings With PPC Junkies

Providing the most far-reaching and cost-effective web advertising platform, Google AdWords can transform your online presence, gain you more conversions and help to take your brand to the next level.

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits that Google AdWords can provide for your business – get in touch with PPC Junkies today. Not only can we implement a cost-effective, fully-bespoke PPC optimisation campaign for your business, but we can offer you help and advice on how to continue to get the best out of your online services.

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