How Can Online Remarketing Help?

Closing a sale online isn't as easy as it initially may seem – despite having a well-designed website with great functionality, sometimes the user may not click the buy now button for a number of reasons; they may get distracted, they may click elsewhere to search for a similar service or their device may suddenly stop functioning. Whatever the reason, the truth is that you've lost a sale – but there is a way to potentially regain that attention, by implementing a remarketing advertisement campaign.

A remarketing campaign gives businesses the opportunity to show online advertisements to users who have previously visited their website, but not completed a sale. The ads can be tailored to include the products that they may have searched for and many even contain special offers to try to tempt the user back to the website to complete the conversion. When constructed well, a unique advertising campaign can help to regain those lost sales and help to increase brand loyalty from customers who otherwise would have gone elsewhere.

How Can Online Remarketing Help?

How Does Remarketing Work?

When a user visits your website (especially if they search for a certain product or service) your website will place a cookie on their device containing the information of their visit. The ID of this cookie will be placed on your remarketing list, so a marketing platform such as Google Ads will be able to understand and organise the ads it needs to, in order to target the user with. What's more, is that you are able to have multiple lists with a wide range of different criteria that you can target the user with – for example, you may wish to target a particular product at a user who has browsed a particular page. You can also target adverts at users who have added a product to a basket but didn't complete the purchase, or even at someone who didn't complete an enquiry form.

Using a platform such as Google Ads will give you a number of controls for your advertising campaign, which include the period of time that cookie ID's stay on your remarketing list. Other controls include the ability to set a cap on the amount of impressions the ad makes, how many ads per day are shown, even the ability to block your ads from appearing on certain websites.

Why Use Remarketing?

  1. Reach A Vast Audience. Thanks to the ability to remarket your website, you'll be able to create bespoke ad campaigns that can be directed towards an highly-targeted audience. This means that your ad will only show up to relevant users as they browse other websites that are in your ad network, which is based on the makeup of your bid and the preferences you've selected. The ads may also appear for users under other keywords that are related to your products too.
  2. Low Cost/High Gains. Many advertising methods will see you paying for ads just to make an impression, which doesn't offer any guarantees that it will be clicked on and the website visited. With remarketing, you will only pay whenever a user clicks on one of your retargeting ads, meaning that they work in a similar way to PPC ads. This provides a somewhat cost-effective way to advertise as you'll only be paying after you've achieved your initial goal of getting users onto your website.
  3. Increase Your Conversion Rates. The utmost reason in choosing to remarket your website is because the vast majority of websites only experience a small percentage of first-time visitors who convert into sales. Whilst there could be a multitude of reasons why this occurs, the most common reason is that people like to research the product/service before they commit to a sale and look at a number of other websites to compare. By using cookies to understand their journey through your website, you will then be able to show them ads, tempting them back to your website, away from any competitors. Once you're able to capture the user's attention with a well-designed, easy to use website, great content and of course, the product/service that they need, this will help to create a conversion and a relationship with the customer, which will mean that they'll likely visit again in the future, creating some brand loyalty.

Although these benefits make the process of remarketing a worthwhile tool to use for any commercial website, the process of creating a campaign can be quite complex and will need the help of an experienced professional to get the most out of it. By obtaining an understanding of online advertising networks, such as Google AdWords, you will be able to continue to get the best out of campaigns, making for a long-term advertising solution.

Improve Your Conversions With PPC Junkies

Improve Your Conversions With PPC Junkies

Here at PPC Junkies, we are a leading digital advertising agency with a proven track record of providing rewarding remarketing campaigns that are designed to increase the reach of any kind of online brand. Our experienced professional team have already helped a huge range of businesses to make the most out of search engine networks, such as Google.

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