Google Ads Training Courses

Google Ads is a very effective way of driving relevant enquiries to your website, but it requires a high level of knowledge and careful handling if it is to really drive profits. One way to avoid expensive mistakes is to enlist the advice and training of an expert. PPC Junkies can show you how to manage your own in-house Pay Per Click campaign

We offer a wealth of experience that you can draw on for guidance. Our Google-qualified professional staff run PPC training courses that teach you cutting edge strategies that will make your PPC campaigns much more lucrative.

Google Ads Training Courses

PPC Training Courses in Berkshire

Our PPC training courses provide you with all the knowledge you need to execute a highly profitable Pay Per Click advertising campaign. PPC management can be difficult to get to grips with, especially if you have little experience of setting up and managing a full Adwords campaign. Without expert tuition, the risk is that you pour increasing amounts of money into a poorly executed PPC campaign that fails to drive sales. Our PPC training ensures that you master the complexities of constructing and optimising your PPC campaign so that you benefit from the increased profits that intelligent PPC management brings.

Courses are held at our facilities in Wokingham, Berkshire every Monday and run from 10:00 - 16:00.  

Great Value Training course

Great Value Training course

At PPC Junkies we believe in a consultative training style, and by keeping our PPC training courses small, with just five delegates on any one training course, our dedicated course instructor can spend the individual time required to give you confidence with PPC.

Our training course covers the following topics:

  • Concepts of PPC and Search Marketing
  • PPC Terminology
  • 8 Stages of a successful PPC Campaign
  • Evaluating markets and competition
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Ad Sculpting - Effective Ad Copywriting
  • Setting up an Adwords campaign
  • Creating effective Landing Pages
  • Optimising your PPC Campaign
  • Tracking, measuring and reporting

Give your business control of your PPC

Training one or two staff members in Google Ads allows your company the freedom to control your own PPC campaign. PPC Training Courses let you manage your campaign for maximum sales or maximum traffic, as you require, and let you be far more agile in response to business demands on Ads resource.

Training Courses run every Thursday and we try to keep delegate numbers to a minimum in order to maximise the commercial benefit to your company. If you bring your campaign logins with you we can take a direct look at the campaign itself and our trainers are very happy to make on the spot suggestions as to how the campaign could be moved forward based on your previous work.

Give your business control of your PPC
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