What Are Display Ads?

Displayed in the banner of the website, a display ad is a paid advertising method that could consist of text, logos, images, animations, videos – the range of choice is vast. The adverts intend to persuade users to click on them, to take them to view their particular products/services on their website. Advertisers can choose to display their ads in a multitude of formats that are suited to a wide range, or unique, audiences anywhere in the world.

These types of adverts can also work with other types of advertising campaigns – remarketing, for example. When a user visits your website, whether they just browse a product or even put one in their basket but don't complete the sale, advertisers can us a display ad to retarget that user with an attractive incentive to return to their website.

What Are Display Ads?

Display Ads on Google Ads

Google's Display Network is quite simply the largest advertising space on the internet today – with millions upon millions of websites able to display adverts. By using Google's Ads platform, advertisers can display their ads in varying formats to a wide audience all across the globe, based on what their website offers, the type of audience they want to target or a combination of both.

Google's Display Network already reaches more than 90% of internet users in the English-speaking world. With a constant increase in the influence that Google has, that number will only grow – as will the businesses that will migrate to the internet to do their business. With this increase in competition, current online businesses should make themselves aware of the different methods in which they can promote their business to users. Using powerful display ads is one major step on the path to achieving this goal.

The Different Types of Display Ads

If you're looking to advertise your business online, implementing display ads as part of your strategy will help you to increase awareness of your brand, creating more potential leads. With an ever-increasing competition, ensure that you are well-placed in the internet marketplace – before it gets too overcrowded with similar services.

Here are the different types of adverts you can implement with Google Ads:

  1. Text ads. There are two types of text ads that you can use: a basic text ad that consists of a headline and two lines of text and an expanded text ad that contains two headlines and is able to better implement custom URL's and be optimised for the increasing mobile user market.
  2. Image ads. With an image advert, you can fill the entire block available for your ad, giving an eye-catching image maximum exposure. Custom imagery as well as custom layouts and backgrounds can be implemented within the ad.
  3. Rich Media ads. 'Rich Media' is used to describe elements such as animations or any other interactive aspects that can change depending on who is browsing and how they interact with the ad – for example, a clickable product list that can be moved from side-to-side.
  4. Video ad. With YouTube being part of Google's Display Network, they offer advertisers a great opportunity to display their ads alongside popular videos on the website. With such a vast and varied audience to display to, this provides an advertiser with the opportunity to hone their video ads towards particular types of YouTube content, increasing the visibility of any specialist products/services.
Improve Your Online Visibility

Improve Your Online Visibility

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