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With the festive season fast approaching, PPC ads are a great way for online businesses to attract the audiences they need to be successful. As you literally 'Pay-Per-Click', it's important to make the ads clickable by people who are interested in what you have to sell – if you target the wrong audience, it'll mean fewer clicks and/or a budget spent on people who aren't going to buy what you're selling.

This is why, here, we've put together some great tips for you to get the most from your Christmas PPC ad campaign.

PPC Tips For Your Online Advertising At Christmas

Look at your previous campaigns

You should look at your previous analytics campaigns (especially your past Christmas PPC campaigns) to understand which areas you should concentrate on.

Ask yourself:

  • Which channels were the most effective?
  • What type of campaign worked best (and which should be reused)?
  • Where did creative types perform better?
  • Where did your audience perform the best?

You should review the trends you chose to target and look at customer behaviour to see if it followed them. Also, look at marketplace predictions for what's going to be popular in the coming year and re-examine any successful previously used festive keywords.

Understand your audience – what are they looking for?

You need to think about the client base you have, and any potential customers you've been trying to attract in the run-up to the festive period. Last year was a difficult one for all industries, with the pandemic having a major impact on consumer habits and their buying journeys. With more people working from home now – and a lot of households on a reduced income – you should look at what your business can offer different from your competitors to provide real added value.

Understanding what your customers want (and expect) from your business will help you to create Christmas PPC campaigns that will deliver a positive ROI. Look at re-targeting, with targeted ads based on specific audiences gathered from their interests and demographics.

Express your Christmas PPC messages

Christmas is the one time of year that you can guarantee that people are looking to buy – and there's a set period for them to get everything they need. As such, your Christmas PPC campaigns should give consumers the messages they want to hear.

You should express what you can offer customers, something that gives them value – messages like 'free delivery', 'X% off' or 'free returns' will go a long way in piquing their interest. You should make the content of your ads short and to the point, and ensure that it has a call-to-action to encourage visitors to your landing pages.

Embellish your landing pages

Physical stores will decorate their stores to create that 'Christmas feeling' that will hopefully entice them inside – the same should be true of your website. Using festive images, decoration and language in your marketing will capture attention and heighten the Christmas spirit. Strengthening the 'feelgood' factor of the festive season or offering a solution to the stressful shopping pursuit are great ways to encourage visitors to your site.

Try new markets

Though using tried and tested methods that work should be a priority, it's also a good idea to look at investing a small amount of your budget to run adverts in new channels or markets. Start with planning for a pre-Christmas and a post-Christmas campaign budget – this is especially useful if say, there are any last-minute shoppers or for those who are looking to pick up bargains for next year once the Boxing Day sales start.

Make use of automated ads

Nobody wants to have to think about posting their Christmas/Boxing Day/New Years' ads on the days themselves – using automated ad rules to make changes in your account will take care of everything for you during such a busy time.

Automated ad rules can help by:

  • Scheduling ads for specific promotions.
  • Automatically pausing low-performing ads or keywords.
  • Changing keyword bids to maintain your average position.
  • Raising keyword bids to ensure that your content is kept on the first page.
  • Automating e-mail notifications to check budget spend (especially if it's nearly used up on the first day of a campaign).

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Whether browsing for shopping, information or entertainment, more people use mobile devices to access the Internet than on traditional desktop computers. You should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly – test it before you set up any Christmas PPC campaign. Google's rollout of the mobile-first index earlier this year favours mobile-friendly domains in searches, so bear this mind when creating any online marketing content.

So those were our 7 PPC tips for better Christmas ads – if you're interested in learning more about PPC, why not get in touch with our experts?

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