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There are two basic options to boosting web traffic: pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO). However, this throws up an important question for businesses. Should I use SEO or PPC to increase traffic to my website? As a PPC agency, here at PPC junkies we can help manage and optimise your PPC campaign, but SEO may also be for you.

Does Your Business Need A PPC Agency?

PPC is a way of paying for advertising spaces based on specific keywords to be placed on search engines. In Google, for example, these occupy the top spaces in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and also down the side. A PPC agency can be used to manage the campaign when changes and improvements need to be made. Here are some benefits of PPC.

Quick Increase In Traffic – One of the advantages of PPC is that the results are much quicker than SEO. It gives you the opportunity to place on top of SERPs almost as soon as the campaign has been set up. This means a quick increase in traffic.

Brand Awareness – Being at the top of SERPs is also great for increasing brand awareness. The PPC ads are sometimes associated with the biggest brands. Using a PPC ad alongside a first page ranking will provide an even bigger boost to brand image and traffic.

Safe From Algorithm Updates – Whereas algorithm updates can reduce the organic page ranking of a website, PPC ads remain unaffected.

What Are The Benefits Of SEO?

SEO is a way of increasing a site's ranking in organic search results for target keywords on major search engine sites. Here are some benefits to SEO:

Return On Investment

– With the increased credibility that high organic search engines bring, consumer are more likely to visit the site, trust your business and trust your products. This means more conversions and more revenue, and leaving you with a better ROI.

Multiple Search Engines

– Good SEO will ensure your high ranking is not just limited to one search engine. Your business can be on Bing, Yahoo and Google which will increase exposure even more.

Instead of just thinking about PPC and SEO as an either-or decision, consider using both.

PPC agency

can help achieve quick results and gather important data which will build a better SEO campaign. Having a high organic ranking will improve credibility and is great for the long term, but takes longer to build. Using both will significantly boost business and traffic.

Need A PPC Agency? Choose PPC Junkies.

At PPC Junkies, our experts will use their extensive knowledge of PPC to help achieve the click through rates and conversions you want.

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