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PPC Junkies are one part of an Internet Marketing family which are all experts in their own specialist field.

During the recent years businesses have realised that people are carrying out their shopping online more and more, especially in the run-up to holidays such as Christmas where the shops are always busy, because of this Internet Marketing has been steadily increasing. With this huge rise in internet use and online advertising all businesses need to be aware of the increase in competition as otherwise you are likely to lose your top spot on the search engine listings, in these tough times it's helpful to have a company you can trust with all of your online needs. We can supply every part of your online business to make it successful and create it exactly to your requirements.

Advansys is the parent company of all of our Junkies brands and they specialise in building and designing ecommerce solutions, brochure websites and they also build all of the software that they use themselves so is is the perfect place to start if you need a new website or re-design.

Once your website is up and running you need to advertise it otherwise noone will be able to find it and you will not get the traffic you need or ROI on building the website. PPC Junkies are experts at creating Pay Per Click campaigns, optimising and managing those campaigns, which provide the sponsored ad's that display on Google, next to or above the natural listings. PPC is an immediate way of getting your website out there with instant advertising and you are able to amend the ad text, bidding costs and keywords as and when you need to.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is another form of online marketing but has a slower process with more long term benefits compared to PPC, the aim of SEO is to attain your website higher rankings in the organic listings on search engines. SEO Junkies have all different types of projects including training courses to cater your every need, so please visit their website to learn more on SEO.

Email Junkies is another sister company that will help to promote your business instantly through email broadcasts and newsletters. We can create and design the email templates for any sale, e card or promotion you wish to send out to your existing or potential customers.

If this wasn't enough, SMS Junkies create SMS text campaigns so you can contact your customers by text to update them on the latest news.

Please let us know if you think we've missed anything, if there's something else you need then contact us for more information on how we can create something for your exact specification.