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Time Scheduling allows you to select the exact hours and days when you wish for your ads to display to users. Your campaign will only be active, receive impressions during the time that you specify.

This can be helpful for corporate businesses who are targeting an audience available at certain times, for example if you know that people will not be searching for your website during the night or at Weekends. If people will not be looking for your business at these times then you should turn off the campaign to save costs as any clicks will be very unlikely to return a conversion.

If you wanted your campaign to be on 24/7 then you can choose to only bid a percentage of your maximum bid during certain times, for example you could set it to only cost 50% of your usual bids at night so that your ad will still show but at the lowest cost per click.

Google Adwords also provides the option to show better performing ads more often. If you are purely concentrating on attaining clicks or conversions rather than advertising every part of your business, you can select to only show the ads with higher quality score so that you have a higher chance of receiving the maximum number of clicks. However, by doing this you may be preventing users from seeing other ads which may be delivering other benefits, reaching a wider audience.

As PPC specialists at managing campaigns we can optimise your campaign to receive you a high ROI and market to your exact needs.