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Google Adwords provides a unique advertising service to businesses needing to get their message out there to interested potential customers. Oftenworking with a PPC Agency, any type of business – no matter their size, industry or location – is able to gain a foothold in the competitive eCommerce market.

However, recently, the makeup of the adverts that AdWords promote has changed. The process of displaying the ads has now been 'simplified' – now there are only two options supported; Optimise or Rotate Indefinitely.

What Has Changed? The Latest From An Expert PPC Agency

Previously, in addition to the two options that exist now, the two others were; Optimise for clicks and Rotate evenly. Google believes that by simplifying the process, users will be able to get the best out of their ads – the 'Optimise' option will use Machine Learning in order to present ads that are more likely to perform better, whereas 'Rotate Indefinitely' will rotate ads on an even basis for an indefinite period of time.

To break them both down, the different attributes of them are:

  • Optimise Ads . Thanks to the combination of a number of different elements – such as keywords, search terms, location, type of device etc, Google's Machine Learning is able to place the ads in applicable Ad Groups that are expected by the process to perform the best. By allowing Google to take more control of where to place an ad, users may experience their website receiving a higher level of clicks, simply because the Machine Learning can better optimise the ads to each Ad Auction . This is something that a user cannot do manually.

  • Rotate Indefinitely . This option allows each ad in its particular Ad Group to have an equal presence and they will be rotated around more evenly – instead of showing just a two out of four rotation, it will instead show each of the four on an even basis. This is an option best taken up by users who prefer to have full control over their Ad Copy testing. A user will be allowed to evenly rotate their ads, which could draw a clear picture of which of their ads work the best – ideal if they are looking for an ad to run a long-term marketing campaign with.

Why Are Google Doing This?

As already mentioned, Google believes that simplifying the process down to two options will make it easier for advertisers to get the best out of the ads that they create. They believe that the previous process of four choices didn't make it clear which one was the best for a particular business – by taking out two of those options, the new process makes that choice less confusing.

The rapid development of Machine Learning is another reason – by using this technology to take away manual decisions, this system will make the decisions for us based on logic. By being able to trawl through billions of data combinations, the system will be better placed to know where to place an ad, rather than us just predicting the best place in which to place an ad. On another hand, Machine Learning also helps us to simplify our work, freeing up more time to concentrate on other tasks.

Another reason is Adwords' desire to roll out their 'Smart Bidding' process for ads. Previously, users were opted into the 'Manual CPC' in order to bid for ad space – this is set to be replaced by Smart Bidding options. Google says that the 'Optimise' option will better optimise ads for each individual auction and therefore, recommends that users look at the Smart Bidding options in order to get the best out of their campaigns.

Finally, many a PPC Agency and industry insiders alike believe that having an 'Optimised' ad will boost a users' Quality Score (this is Google's rating of the quality and relevance of ads – the score is used to decide the cost-per-click and then multiplied by the user's maximum bid, which determines the ranking of the ad in the auction). Although this isn't 'official' – it does make sense. If a user is able to show ads that are more relevant to the group that they're displayed in, Google will show the ad more often. Being more visible will likely drive clicks and the click-through-rate will increase – and a high CTR rate has an impact on the Quality Score. So by this, it isn't hard to see that Optimised ads have an impact on the Quality Score too.

The bottom line is that Google's Display Network is the largest advertisement space on the internet; millions of websites display their adverts on there and as world's largest search engine, it's become absolutely vital to advertise on. With such a competitive market, this is why many businesses make the wise choice of hiring PPC specialists in order to enlist expert advice and assistance.

If you're looking for a professional and innovative PPC Agency to help your business to establish themselves in such a busy marketplace, you've come to the right place here at PPC Junkies.

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