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PPC Junkies create Pay Per Click campaigns using Google Adwords so that the ads we create show on Google's search engines all over the world and any other sites that are partnered with Google.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world and have power over a large section of online marketing as Adwords is the largest PPC tool and also websites during SEO need to keep up with Google in order to get their site ranked well. By using Adwords PPC experts are displaying your adverts to the largest number of users possible, your campaign will receive the most impressions and therefore a higher chance of receiving clicks.
Adwords has several tools and options to make sure that your campaign is successful and so you are able to change everything that you need to. These options include choosing the geographical locations where your ads will be shown and the time scheduling when they should be shown.

You can also display sponsored ads on MSN and Yahoo! but you will find that the tools are not as easy to use and you won't receive as high a ROI.

Contact a PPC Specialist now to find out more information on how our PPC management services can help you.