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Displaying information about a business, what it does, who it serves and how it can help, can be displayed within a simple SERP (Search Engine Results Page). In recent years, it has even become possible for a business to link up its telephone number with its SERP – giving the browser direct access to the service they're looking to hire. This ease of contact would clearly help when the browser has an urgent need to contact a service – so being able to organise one as part of a brand's PPC management would be ideal.

The Importance Of Call-Only Extensions In PPC Management

Imagine if you're met with an emergency at home – say you've locked yourself out of the house and with no other sets of keys available anywhere, you need a locksmith to gain access through the door. You're going to use your phone to search for a quick service – something that a call-only extension on a SERP will provide.

Differing slightly from call extensions – which give the option for the browser to either call or visit the website – call-only extensions are just that; they provide a quick and easy way for the user to call the business. So in an emergency, you can see how useful they are – combined with a Pay-Per-Click (PPC management) campaign, which will place the ad at the top of a keyword search – they will potentially provide more calls, perhaps leading to more business.

The Benefits of Call-Only Extensions

  • The Phone Number Will Be Placed At The Top Of The Ad. Another key difference from call extensions is that with call-only ads, the phone number of the business will be the first thing that anyone sees in the ad. Not just that, but it'll also display the word 'Call' – giving the browser a literal 'call-to-action' on what their next move should be. This is a crucial feature to have, especially in an ad that's displayed on a mobile phone!
  • One Touch To Call. The ease-of-use of a call-only ad is summed up by the prominent call button that is present with the ad. All it takes for the browser to connect with the business is a simple touch of the button – saving them the time and effort in trawling through website upon website for information. The ability to connect with a service at that very moment will no doubt play into them choosing to go with that service – especially in an emergency.
  • A Hotline To The Business. Being a direct line to the business, this will give staff ample opportunity to get well versed in the language and context of the copy displayed on the call-only ad, so that they understand what exactly the caller is looking for. This is vital to close the sale as at this point, the caller will be relying on the person on the other end of the phone to explain more about the business and how it can help them with their current predicament.

Best Practices In Creating Call-Only Ads

Call-only ad extensions sound quick and easy to use but what if the initial results you find are disjointed and an incoherent mess? You're going to move onto the next result, denying the top-ranked service your business, because their ad is a mess and it's wasting time trying to figure it out. This is why, when thinking about their PPC Management, a business must ensure that their call-only ads are optimised with great ad copy and ready to capture the attention of a browser who needs urgent help.

Back to our scenario, we mapped out earlier; as the locksmith, imagine if you've got an incoherent call-only PPC ad – how can you fix this issue? The key point to remember about any call-only ad is that the person seeking it won't be wanting to wait and read too much information by visiting the website or reading online reviews. They're only interested in knowing that the service is local and how it can benefit them.

Oh and using them is apt – because the ad must speak to them, it must use words such as 'you' in order to capture their attention. Many businesses make the mistake of displaying information that is clearly designed to entice them – such as using buzzwords such as 'sale' and 'X%-off'. In an emergency, browsers won't be looking for this – they'll be looking for a service that can benefit them NOW – information about sales or money off, doesn't tell them that your locksmith service is nearby, experienced or reliable.

Hiring A Professional Digital Marketing Agency For Your Call-Only Ads

If you're looking to take advantage of the great benefits provided by call-only ads as part of your PPC management, it's always best to go with a professional digital marketing agency. Not only can they create a PPC campaign that will be focused on the locality and the keywords that you wish to target, but by creating optimised call-only ads with great ad copy, they can turn those keyword searches into genuine enquires for your business. With much time and effort needed to create such a campaign, a specialist PPC marketing agency can take all of that work away – leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Here at PPC Junkies, we are a Google-affiliated PPC agency with many years of experience of working with their AdWords platform. We have assisted many different businesses over the years to make their mark in their industries. Our PPC management has helped to define the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, increasing their online visibility – ultimately helping to create new business for them.

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