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Using Google Adwords you are able to select which geographical locations you would like your ads to show in. You can choose any continents, countries, or if you slightly smaller you can select towns or have the ads display within a specified mile radius around your address.

Google decides where you are located by looking at your IP (internet protocol) address, this isn't always 100% accurate as some IP's are registered to different places than where that user is actually located. This is usually found to be a problem if you are targeting a small area as it is more difficult to make sure that you are targeting the correct places. For example, if you are targeting people in Reading their IP's may be registered in London and so they will be excluded from seeing your ad. This is not really an issue when targeting larger areas but with the more refined places you may find that it decreases the number of impressions you receive through the campaign. It is a good idea to increase the area you have specified to make sure that people around the outskirts are not excluded as there's a higher chance of their IP address being registered within a larger area.

You can track where your traffic is coming from using Google Analytics which you can link to your PPC campaign. For more tips on Pay Per Click, please contact us now.