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As we're already through the first quarter of 2017 (where has the time gone?) reports of collated web statistics from 2017 are starting to surface. One set of stats,that is particularly important for online advertisers, is that Google removed more than 3.2 billion ads last year for violating its advertising policies – almost DOUBLE the 1.7 billion that were taken down in 2016. As you can imagine, this fact alone makes being able to undertake great PPC optimisation simply vital, for any online advertiser to experience any kind of success.

An 'Advertising Ecosystem' – Highlighting The Need For PPC Optimisation

In a blog article entitled 'An advertising ecosystem that works for everyone', Google set out the facts and their approach to effectively 'clean up' their advertising model in order to ensure a better experience for advertisers and users alike. With digital advertising playing a somewhat pivotal role in how we experience the web as it is today,Google are striving to build a structure in which users can find what they need, safely. For genuine advertisers, this helps them to connect with users who would be interested in what they have to offer.

Of late, this 'ecosystem' that Google aspires to create, has unfortunately been hurt by negative elements, whether by accidents or coordinated actions by scammers attempting to make money. This is precisely why they have spent the best part of 2 decades constantly honing how their advertisement platform works, through investment in technology, policies and talent to fight issues such as advertisement fraud, scammers and malware. The hope is that 2016 has provided somewhat of a tipping point towards the creation of that safe space.

In the article, Scott Spencer, Google's director of sustainable ads, leads with the statistic that the number equated to '100 bad ads per second', with most of them being malware and phishing scams designed to impact users. In total, last year, Google took down:

  • 79 million advertisements that sent users to websites that contained malware.
  • 400,000 exclusively malware sites.
  • 66 million trick-to-click adverts.
  • 48 million adverts that prompted the user to install unwanted software.

From this news, it's quite obvious that all advertisers need to think about how they create their adverts. As mentioned, it is quite common for 'bad ads' to be created by pure accident, without any malicious intent – the ad will be removed regardless and the linking website's authority on Google will likely suffer as a result. As such, all online businesses will need to be able to better shape their advertising techniques – something that professional PPC optimisation can help with.

Looking To Better Optimise Your PPC Ads? Let A Professional PPC Company Help

If you are a website owner, then optimising your PPC ads will create a much better opportunity for you to showcase your website to a wider, better-defined audience. Here are some great reasons why you should considering hiring a PPC agency:

  • A boost in visitor numbers – If you're looking to promote a sales event or a particular product, then getting that short-term boost in visitor numbers will be of paramount importance. PPC optimisation can help with this,targeting your ads at a tailored audience.

  • Reach a specific audience –Targeting a tailored audience gives you the best opportunity to pair your products with the very people who will be interested in them. A crowded marketplace will contain many, different products – by operating in a more defined, specialised marketplace, the people who will be browsing will be specifically browsing for what you have to sell. PPC can help to attract them to your stall.

  • Better budget management – When you're trying to hit certain sales targets, it can be easy to overreach on an advertisement budget. It can be even easier to go down one particular advertising avenue and end up paying for something that won't gain you any of kind of success. With PPC, you can fully control how your budget is spent and what's more, you can monitor how it is performing in real-time – giving you the chance to reduce spending or even up the budget if a particular ad is performing well.

  • Retarget your visitors – For whatever reason, some of your visitors may visit your website but not complete their purchase. Great PPC optimisation can create ads that can help to get them back. Retargeting ads use the information created during their visit (through their cookies) to present an ad to the user of the product they may have been viewing. Some advertisers may make use of an offer, such as discount code or a free gift to entice them back,.

Achieve Better PPC Optimisation, With PPC Junkies

Looking to better shape your PPC ads? Then you've found the perfect place here at PPC Junkies. As a vastly experienced PPC agency that is constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of the changing trends, rules and policies set out by Google, we are able to help you to create a PPC campaign that will give you a great opportunity to increase visitor numbers and sales.

If you would like further information on how we can help you with your PPC optimisation,then please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0118 902 9912. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at