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With the fast-changing nature of the internet and an increased reliance on machine learning, it's no real surprise that we've experienced a number of changes within Google's AdWords program in 2017. In fact, throughout the last few years, in a bid to improve PPC optimisation for marketers and users of Google's platforms alike, the original script for Auction Insights has been updated many times – requiring the need for users of the program to be constantly on top of things in order to produce the best online ad campaign as possible.

The latest version of Auction Insights will allow it to take reports from the new AdWords interface, try out defaults for column names (if those in the Settings sheet aren't that perfect) and even has the ability to find out more about what competitors are up to.

So if you are part of a business that is looking to take advantage of PPC optimisation, read on to learn more about the new changes and features of Auction Insights, part of Google's AdWords program.

New Ad Auctions Changes: Easier PPC Optimisation

When it comes to analysing the success of certain aspects of your PPC campaign, or even to check out what your rivals are doing, the reports presented by Auction Insights offer a vital tool in understanding performance. As such, your campaigns are able to be better optimised, which in turn will lead to more of your ads winning those all-important auctions.

The recent changes to Auction Insights are:

  • A Brand-New Interface. A subtle change it may be, but by placing an extra line at the top of the interface with the data range, AdWords' functionality is made much better. In the previous version, the interface wouldn't look down the sheet far enough to find the headings, so when the time came to download performance statistics of the campaign, there would have been a number of totals at the end of the sheet that would make it overcount. Therefore, the new version is better optimised to present realistic figures of the performance of your PPC campaign.

  • The Inclusion of Default Column Names. The previous version of the program presented a column name as 'Impressions', whereas the new version will say 'Impr.' In the old interface, sometimes the reports could say 'Interactions' when in reality, it meant 'Clicks' – making it easy to miss when you have to update the Settings sheet with the column names. With the new update, if the names in the setting don't work, the new script will try some of English column names as the default.

  • Competitor Settings. One of the key skills that make for good PPC optimisation, is understanding what your competitors are doing and how you can counteract them. As such, monitoring your competitors is a key part of AdWords' features – with a function dedicated to listing and comparison.

    The change to this function in the new version now has a simple option with which you can just say 'yes' next to the competitors you want to include, or give them a number. Competitors that have been assigned a number will then be shown in order, in the reports.

Now, say if you've got too many competitors to show in the list on the Settings page, the latest changes present two options:

    • You can now choose to include every one of your selected competitors in the data tables. This will still only include the top six in the report chart – you wouldn't be able to see anything if there were too many lines in there.
    • If you don 't want to include all of your competitors – if you just need to have a certain competitor that's not listed on the Settings sheet, you can keep the list from automatically filling and then you can just manually edit the list to include anyone that you wish to track.

Thinking About Taking Advantage Of These Changes To AdWords? Allow PPC Junkies To Help

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