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PPC advertising can be a confusing and difficult to understand form of digital marketing. So if your business is interested in a PPC campaign, speak to a trustworthy team of professionals (such as PPC Junkies; an AdWords Certified business) and enquire about a Pay Per Click management service.

Google AdWords Responsive Search Ads

Whilst they are currently not available to all advertisers,Google has released a new type of advertisement in beta mode. This new advertisement is called a Responsive Search Ad.

The responsive search ad has numerous advantages, for example, it can show up to three headlines instead of two, also it can show up to two descriptions of 90 characters instead of a single 80 character description!

However, this is not the only reason why responsive search ads are interesting. With this style of advertising, you can set up to 15 headlines and four descriptions for the advertisement. Additionally, there is a machine learning element to this advertisement. The machine learning models assist in ad optimisation where the combinations are tested to show the combination of headlines and descriptions which are the mostly likely to achieve your stated goal.

The Advantages Of Pay Per Click Advertising

There are numerous advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising.If your campaign is successful, PPC advertising could bring high volumes of well-qualified traffic to your website.

However, like many forms of digital marketing, some can find PPC advertising confusing and difficult to understand. So, if you would like to utilise Pay Per Click ads to find new customers who have intent to purchase products, talk to the PPC Junkies team.

Professional PPC Management With PPC Junkies!

If you are interested in a professional Pay Per Click management service get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team of PPC professionals.

The PPC Junkies team have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Adwords and Quality Score. Our team have been able to increase click through rates from 35-60% for existing AdWords users!

So if you are interested in a professional PPC management service from the PPC Junkies team, you can speak to us by calling 0845373 0596. However, if you would instead prefer to reach out to our team using the internet, you can send our team an email to, or get in touch with us using the live chat feature in the bottom right of your screen.

Alternatively, if you are interested in our management services for Pay Per Click advertising and you would like to request a call back, please fill out our enquiry form by clicking the “Contact Us" button on the top of this page; we aim to respond to all of our enquires the same working day.