PPC Adwords Account...

After you have set up your Google Adwords account for your PPC campaign, the first thing you will need to do is to create a campaign for each page you want to direct traffic to. Within each of these campaigns you will need to select the specific keywords that your ads will display for in the search engine results pages, these are sometimes referred to as SERPs. Choosing the right keywords for your ad is a challenge and you won't get it right the first time, however, if you follow our guidelines you should have a head start over other beginners.

Pay Per Click baby steps...

Create a single campaign at a time and give it a relevant name that you can refer back to at any point and know what it means. Usually in these campaigns you should start with no more than 10 highly relevant and similar keywords. Don't forget that these words can be broad, phrase or exact matches, this will help you later on with bid stacking techniques and other PPC techniques. Once you have all your keywords in place for that one campaign you can then create ads which are relevant to your chosen phrases.

Narrow Keywords for PPC...

Advertising for popular keywords like lose weight or make money online will be prohibitively expensive and in most cases almost impossible to rank well for, because the competition is just too high and many of them will have years of authority built up. Instead, target less expensive long tail keywords at the beginning of the campaign, obviously these should still have a decent monthly search volume but less competition. If you also enter these as broad terms you will have a high chance of ranking high for these words whilst you build up a good CTR (click through rate) and authority, after time you can then start to look at exact matches and highly competitive keywords.

Spy on Pay per Click Competition...

See which advertisers in your industries are running pay per click ads in Google for the keywords you're considering. If you see your competitors there, you then have the ability to see who is ranking well, what keywords they are showing for and what kind of ad texts they are using. The chance are if you are targeting the same keywords as your main competitors then you should be on the right track and it is just a matter of time building up authority and quality scores until you will be top of the pile.

Practice makes perfect is true of most things in life and a successful Adwords campaign is no different. Don't be disheartened if at first you don't succeed, as there is a certain margin for error, after all, if nobody is clicking your ads you can't be charged. Make sure you drop by next time for step 3 of 3 in this blog series on how to run a successful PPC campaign; we'll be taking a look at how to write your ads.

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