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Writing Ads for PPC

Once you've chosen your target keywords, the next step is to write the ad that will display in the SERP's (search engine results pages) when your phrase is searched for. In each ad you have a limited number of characters so you must make sure that each and every word counts make them catchy! Here's how to structure your ads effectively

Write a compelling headline- As with other types of internet advertising you only have a short time to cut through the noise and engage a prospect, so make sure your headline stands out and is catchy.

Use your target keywords in your ad text – when you write the creative text make sure your keyword is prominent as it will show as bold in the search results and don't exaggerate on punctuation.

Consider your landing page- Don't simply send visitors to your homepage! If they want to buy potatoes send them to the page where they can buy potatoes this will increase conversion rate and decrease bounce rates.

Split test your ads - Whenever you set up a new PPC campaign, create two ads that can be tested against one and other.

Set a PPC Daily Budget

Because the default setting in Google Adwords is to run your ads as often as possible in order to generate data faster, it's incredibly easy to blow through your entire advertising budget – and much, much more – in a short amount of time.

To protect yourself from overspending, take advantage of features within Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click programs that let you set a daily spending budget. Set your budget as low as £5-10/day until you get a feel for how these ads work and how you can maximize their impact on your business.

Of course, even if you're only spending a few pounds a day, it's still important to ensure that you're seeing a positive ROI for your efforts. That is, if you're paying for traffic, you'd better be sure it's resulting in sales!

Although there are several third-party software programs that offer this functionality, the easiest way to evaluate the conversions of your PPC ads within Google Adwords is to tie your account to your Google Analytics data some businesses even implement the conversion tracking code. This will help you to see which of your PPC keywords are resulting in conversions for your website, and which keywords should be eliminated from your campaign for non-performance.

I need help with my PPC...

If you have read and understood all of these point, running your own PPC campaign can still seem very daunting, with budgets and ads and keywords all building up you need to have a lot of time to nurture the campaign. PPC Junkies are ready and willing to help any type of business with the pay per click advertising, to find out more call us on 0845 373 0596