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Pay Per Click is a very popular way of advertising online, you can gain the internet benefits of being able to reach a very wide market immediately with the added benefits of choosing when your ads will be shown.

PPC campaigns show your adverts when a user enters a search query that matches one of your keywords, so by creating the list of keywords, choosing geographical locations and time settings within your campaign you can have complete control of the campaign. You are also in control of the costs that your ads incur, which can be changed when necessary, all aspects of PPC are flexible to your needs 24/7. This a very credit crunch friendly way of advertising as it allows you, or your PPC management agency, to control the campaign fully in order to attain the results that you want for your business.

PPC can be as cheap or expensive as you can afford, although specialists would suggest that you have a minimum budget of £2000 per month to be able to make the most of the campaign and be able to test different ads, keywords etc. Lower budgets may not provide enough impressions or clicks to support the costs.

Another benefit of using sponsored link campaigns is that it is immediate so a great way for new websites or businesses to begin their brand awareness, if only for a few months until it has built up or until another form of marketing, such as SEO has taken over. Brand awareness is key for a business to attract customers and therefore make sales. Using PPC you can track the sales coming from your campaign to see the ROI and then decide whether the campaign is working for you or not.

Contact us now to find out how we can fully optimise a current campaign, or create a new campaign in order to get you more traffic to your website.