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To get the best click through rates (CTR) and conversions, you need a strong Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign. At PPC Junkies, we're a specialised PPC agency dedicated to help you get the most bang for your buck and can help you tailor your business' online advertising plans to get the best results.

Why Should You Choose PPC Junkies?

At PPC Junkies, we already know the benefits that a strong PPC campaign backed by a dedicated PPC agency can bring. Here's five reasons why you should trust us to run your PPC campaign:

  1. Experienced – Our team knows all there is to know about pay per click marketing. Over the years, they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise that they can utilise to help you get the most from your investment. Our team know the inner workings of Google AdWords, quality score and all the best practices, so when you choose us you're choosing the best in pay-per-click marketing.
  2. Cost Effective – Unlike traditional online marketing, where you pay every time your advert is shown, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. A well managed PPC campaign can be extremely cost effective! A good PPC agency will be able to optimise your campaign so you see the best return on your investment, and we're one of the best.
  3. Collaborative – We understand you're putting your hard earned money into your PPC marketing push, and we understand that you'll want to be able to see results. That's why we work with you, rather than taking control for ourselves. When you work with us at PPC Junkies, you'll get a monthly report from us so you can track your progress, see your results and you'll have access to a dedicated campaign manager who'll be happy to assist you if you have any queries or concerns about your project.
  4. PPC Works For Any Company – Whether you're selling doorknobs or super cars, pay per click can be made to work for you! We'll look at the right keywords for your ads, your competitors', and find the right words that will have customers flocking to your site! We've helped clients as diverse as property investment and beauty products, so whatever you're selling, we can help improve your CTR and conversions!
  5. Fast Results - Through managing your ad campaign, we can get you results – fast! A PPC campaign can be set up within minutes and you'll start seeing improved conversation rates almost immediately.

Contact PPC Junkies Today

Do you want to get the full benefit of our PPC agency's years of experience? Do you want to see up to a 60% increase in your click through rates? Then contact us today! We don't just offer comprehensive pay-per-click management; we can also train you so you have the skills to manage your campaign on one of our informative training courses.

So if you feel you could benefit from an increase in traffic, CTRs and conversions, send out team an email at today to start your PPC campaign!