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Regardless if you run a physical store or an online one, the power of advertising on the internet cannot be overlooked. With the local area experiencing much business growth in recent years (with more to come) the need to ensure that your business can be seen in all the right places. This may well prove to be the weight that tips the balance of the 'scales of success' towards you. This is where PPC management in Bracknell can help.

PPC Management in Bracknell – A Proven Way To Attract New Audiences

PPC has proven to be one of the best platforms when it comes to online advertising in this era of digital marketing. It has quickly evolved into the digital advertising channel of choice for many and has become the fundamental way in which they express themselves online.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is 'as it says on the tin' – you will only pay a fee whenever your ad is clicked. This virtually guarantees that you will receive a visit to your targeted link. The other great aspect to PPC management in Bracknell is just that – the ads aren't just randomly placed around the internet, they can be targeted at people in the local area, those who enter in a specific search term, those who may visit a website with related content to yours, they may have even visited your site before, put something in their basket but didn't buy anything.

The general idea behind PPC is that you will get the opportunity to 'sort through' particular users and only present what you have to sell to them. This allows you to refine your audience, only 'shouting about' what you have to sell to those who are interested.

Obviously with the local area ever-growing, the competition may already be tech savvy and gone down the digital route. It has now become expected for any business worth their salt to have some sort of online presence – even if you don't sell online, having some kind of webpagecould help to provide an interested browser with all the information they need to come and visit your store. With more businesses than ever becoming digital, it is essential to incorporate PPC management in Bracknell into your advertising strategy.

How Can PPC Help My Business?

Here is how PPC can help your business:

  • Easy and straightforward to understand. As mentioned, PPC means you will only have to pay whenever your ad is clicked; there are no extra hidden fees. With a Google AdWords campaign, your ads will be listed at the top or to the right of the search listings (the search term relating to your ad, of course). When your ad is clicked, you will pay whatever the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) rate is at that time – the more competitive the keyword, the more it may cost. It’s important to note that CPC rates work on a high price/high reward basis – for example, if you have products that cost £500 each, a £50 PPC ad doesn’t have to hamper the estimated profit. The straightforward aspect of PPC management in Bracknell is ultimately one of main reasons why businesses prefer this model of advertising – they know precisely what expenses they have, which gives them a better insight into how they may control other aspects of their business. Such as the budget for adverts…

  • Budget control. Being aware of how much you can spend will help to shape the ways in which you advertise. With PPC management in Bracknell, you have the power to set the budget that is customisable for you – there are no plans or tiers with a fixed cost. Google will simply take away the CPC amount from the daily or monthly budget you set and will stop whenever that budget is spent. Unlike traditional advertising in which you have no idea if the budget you’re spending is being used wisely, the control you have with PPC will allow you to monitor and change the flow of how that budget is spent. This may increase the amount you can spend on the keywords with higher CPC’s and reduce the ones that aren’t performing as well. In the end, the control of the budget is all yours.

  • Create your specific audience. When we talk about targeted ads, we aren’t just talking about advertising to those in a particular location, interested in a particular thing or browsing on a particular device at a particular time of day – PPC can help to create you an audience of a combination of everything. So, no matter your requirements, a well-defined PPC management in Bracknell campaign can match you up with the users who are more likely to buy what you have to sell.

  • Gain immediate and consistent traffic. PPC offers a fantastic way to gain an immediate flow of traffic – your campaign can be set-up right away and it won’t take days or even hours to get your ads on the first page of a keyword search. This is a great way to gain short-term traffic if you’re a new business looking to make your mark right away or are looking to advertise a sales promotion etc. Often though, getting immediate traffic is not enough – as a business, you will need consistent traffic to make your business a success. Another great thing about PPC is that it can be used in the long-term too; reaching a steady audience of interested users for a fraction of the CPC that would be required if you were looking for immediate traffic.

  • Get quicker results – Whilst producing content for your website operates as a framework to provide an attraction to search engines, it often takes a long time and requires much effort and expertise in search engine optimisation just to get your website a decent ranking in an organic keyword search. PPC, on the other hand, places an advertisement for your site at the top of the same keyword search right away, increasing the visibility of your brand more quickly.

  • Higher Return On Investment (ROI). Any great investment must be able to generate the highest possible ROI – this is the profit provided as a result of the ad campaign, minus the initial investment to get it going. By undertaking PPC management in Bracknell, you can constantly re-shape your campaign; making key changes as and when it matters in order to meet the requirements of your intended audience. By keeping constantly aware of your market, you will keep on top of your investment and be able to use it in all the right places at the right times.

  • Schedule your ads in vital locations. Two more features that set PPC advertising apart is the ability to schedule and to geo-target Geo-targeting is vital if you wish to advertise to the local area only, as it excludes users who are outside of your target location – you obviously don’t want to spend your budget on people who you don’t want to target. Not only will it help to save you on CPC’s, it will also give you a better handle on the ad’s performance and provide better analytics to allow you to understand how the local users behave when they interact with your ads and website.

    The ad scheduling feature allows you to select the specific days and times to run the ad(s). If you’re already familiar with the precise times that you’re able to get the best response from your targeted users, you can go ahead and schedule. The great thing about Ad scheduling is that it can also save your ad budget by preventing your ads to be placed at random hours or days in which you’re unlikely to a huge response from. The budget will be concentrated on the exact times that need to be concentrated on – with PPC being totally customisable too, you can change your scheduling with ease.

PPC management in Bracknell can help any type of business in the local area, regardless of their size, industry or targeting requirements. By having PPC at the heart of your online marketing strategy, you will ensure that you’re able to capture potential customers at all the right times. Furthermore, you can provide your business with a constant flow of traffic that, when working together with a functional and informative website, will lead to increased conversions.

Like all great services though, running a PPC campaign isn’t as simple as it sounds. Being relatively straightforward to use, this allows for an expanded market for the best advertising slots. By understanding this market, you will be able to play it, knowing which slots would be better to spend your CPC budget on. Over time, this expert knowledge may well provide you with that edge over your competitors, even if they too undertake their own PPC. Why not get in touch with the PPC experts today to give you that edge?

Expert Pay-Per-Click Advertising, From PPC Junkies

If you’re looking to stand out amongst your competitors in the local area by using PPC management in Bracknell, then you’ve found the right place here at PPC Junkies. As we’re based in Berkshire ourselves, we understand the competitive markets that have sprung up in the area in recent years – this is why we’re here to help.

As a Google AdWords-certified PPC agency, we possess the ideal level of expertise to manage your online advertising campaign, helping you to understand your audience better, to build a campaign to attract them to your website, as well as make the right changes when it matters the most.

Please feel free to browse our website for further information on the work we do. If you would like to learn more about how we’re able to put in place the ideal PPC campaign for your business, do not hesitate to give our digital marketing experts a call today on 0118 902 9912 or alternatively, you can e-mail us at