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Business in Berkshire is booming – if you’re based in the local area, you’re probably already aware of that fact. Being just a brief commute from London and property offering better value for money, places like Newbury have grown as a result.

With the growth of the business community, comes increased levels of competition. Honing your products/services to offer consumers something unique is one way to grow a positive reputation that will make your business stand out amongst the others – but how can you get the word out to that interested consumer base? Try PPC Management in Newbury.

Staying One Step Ahead With PPC Management In Newbury

For any type of business, having your own website is vitally important – easily accessible and containing a universe of information, the first thing most people do when they want to search for a service or to learn more about a business, is to look on the Internet. As such, it’s become imperative for businesses to be able to present themselves in a positive light online – failure to do so will create questions for the customer about whether the business they’re looking at is right for them.

However, it’s no good having a well-designed, responsive website if it can’t be seen – PPC ads can provide the boost needed to place your website at the top of a keyword search. The great thing about it is in its name – Pay-Per-Click; you will only pay if someone clicks through the ad to visit the link it carries. This allows your website to direct larger numbers of traffic to the site, increasing its visibility and leaving it more likely to close sales.

Why PPC Is Worth It

PPC can help a business to increase their traffic and get immediate, daily results of how well their campaign is performing. Able to be altered at any time, it’s the perfect advertisement tool. Here are some other great reasons why professional PPC management in Newbury is worth thinking about:

  • People use search engines to find information every single day; they do it at home, at work, travelling – with wireless internet connections giving people the flexibility to browse anywhere or at any time they wish, they will constantly be using a search engine. In fact, there are over 3.5 billion Google searches per day, so this gives businesses an opportunity to promote to a wide and varied user base – PPC helps to refine that audience.
  • PPC’s targeting capabilities provide another attraction; able to target users based on their location, the keywords they use, how they ‘behave’ whilst on a website or their interests. This gives the business (or more specifically, the machine learning aspect of Google AdWords) more room to create a customised plan to pinpoint those users who will be interested in what the business has to sell. Campaigns can be altered based on the location that they’re shown in; giving the business an option not to compete in a big bidding war over a keyword that may be expensive in one location, than another.
  • Keeping pace with competitors is the fundamental requirement in the race to attract customers. It could be (probably is) the case that the competitors of every business employ some sort of online advertising – the Internet is all-encompassing in our lives, after all. If a business doesn’t currently run their PPC management in Newbury well, it’s likely that they’re missing out on custom that would otherwise be snapped up by a competitor. It could also be the case that large businesses with large budgets may drive up the cost of the most-common keywords – this makes being able to identify the more niche, the more localised keywords vital for smaller businesses. You can guarantee that competitors will be doing the same.
  • Advertising isn’t solely about selling – brand recognition is also a major benefit of great advertising. Great PPC management in Newbury doesn’t just lead people to a website they might be interested in, it creates a brand, a bookmark for the visitor to save in their favourites. They may not be interested in buying something at the very moment they click the ad, but they may be interested on another occasion – the next time they visit, they’ll immediately visit the website to buy what they saw before. Great brands create loyal customers.
  • PPC is budget friendly; you only have to ‘pay per click’, after all. This allows for the creation of a campaign that is set to the budget available – regardless of how much it is. With other advertising methods involving set fees and no way to track the progress of how well the campaign is performing, PPC offers a much better, much more cost-effective way to advertise. So what are you waiting for?

Need Assistance With Your PPC Campaign? PPC Junkies Can Help

If you run your own online business, then being able to communicate what you have to sell to as large an audience as possible is absolutely vital. A well-optimised PPC campaign will allow for your ads to be seen in all the right places and more importantly, by the very people who will be interested. However, despite its many benefits, running a PPC campaign can be quite costly if you are not au fait with how it works – this is where we come in.

Here at PPC Junkies, we are a vastly-experienced digital advertising agency who have created unique PPC campaigns to suit the requirements of our clients. Our PPC management in Newbury can help your business to rise above the local competition and maximise your ROI. We are able to offer extensive PPC training or even undertake the campaign for you – whichever path serves you best.

If you would like to learn more, then please feel free to get in touch with our PPC experts today. Give us a call on 0845 373 0596 or alternatively, you can e-mail us at