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Mobile PPC advertising has been updated. Now site links will be chosen by the advertiser and the user can scroll through them. However, what impact will this have on PPC advertising for mobile devices? How will your advertisements change and how can you best optimise your mobile pay per click advertisements in order to make the most of these changes?

The Rising Trend Of Mobile Devices

Many people use mobile devices such as a Smartphone on a daily basis. In fact 73% of consumers now use the internet on a mobile or tablet device. So if you aren't considering mobile devices in your pay per click advertising you could be missing out on sales.

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The Updates To Sitelinks

65% of Smartphone users expect to get information from their mobile device immediately. With these changes to sitelinks, they become tappable. This means that people can access specific pages directly from the Ad. Allowing them to access information quickly without having to click multiple links on your website.

These tappable sitelinks can be scrolled using the swiping motion that many Smartphone users are familiar with when using their Smartphones. As such it is very important that you take full advantage of these recent changes.

What Do These Changes Mean For You As An Advertiser?

As an advertiser you can direct users to different areas of your website from your advertisements; directing them to pages that might interest them. For example, if your user searches for your store, curious as to what hours you are open. With the new tappable sitelinks it's easier for potential customers to visit more relevant parts of your website.

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