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Search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) are often seen as completely separate strategies. Although they are very different, businesses can actually benefit from using the two together. With effective Pay Per Click management, it is possible to build a stronger SEO campaign to get the best of both worlds.

How Can Pay Per Click Management and SEO Work Together?

There are results which show using PPC and SEO together can increase click through rates (CTR) on both organic links and paid ads on search engines. This shows there is a benefit to having more 'real estate' on search engine results pages (SERPs), but what's the best way to combine pay per click management and SEO?

Adwords – SEO can be costly and results can take time. Running a PPC campaign will bring visitors to your site faster and you only pay when someone clicks through. PPC will also provide you with valuable data which increases your awareness of your company. You can learn how visitors interact with your site, which keywords perform better, and on what pages, and which pages convert more. Identifying any problems or positives early will help your SEO campaign.

Promoting Links – Creating and sharing great content plays a major role in SEO, and can help promote a site. PPC ads are an effective and low cost way to spread the content to huge numbers of users. If it's good, then people are more likely to read and share it.

PPC Can Help If SEO Fails – SEO can be more of a long term strategy, so it is worth having a PPC campaign which can work quickly as an effective short term option. There are keywords which are worth money but don't rank organically, so it's important you don't miss out on these.

Benefits Of Combining PPC And SEO

Now you know how SEO and pay per click management can work together, here are some of the key benefits.


– PPC and SEO together can improve traffic to the site. When on the first page, it's best to continue with both campaigns for more exposure.

Using Data

– PPC ads can provide almost immediate results so you can learn which ads convert best and which keywords are most effective for a better SEO campaign and increased conversions.

Social Media

– With PPC ads, you can use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube which attract millions of users every day. Facebook will allow you to target a specific audience using profile information.

Boost Ecommerce Sales

– With more control on PPC content, it's possible to include information and reviews which encourage users to visit the product page and make a purchase.

Pay Per Click Management From PPC Junkies

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