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As a PPC Management Company our aim is to build new or analyse existing PPC campaigns and make changes and amendments to improve the CTR rate of that campaign. Click Through Rate or CTR is a percentage of users who have clicked on your ad out of the total number of impressions An impression is when a user has entered a search query that matches one of your keywords to trigger your ad to be shown. You will have a CTR for every keyword in your account, an average CTR per ad group and per campaign.

There are a number of features that affect click through rate and techniques we use to increase it. As your CTR increases, the traffic to your site will also be increasing in direct correlation, and this is the main aim of PPC. However there are some other points you need to consider here, sometimes when ad text is not written properly, ad's will attract the wrong traffic and therefore users will click straight back out from your site and therefore this will not benefit your business. Also, if your ad does not take the user to a relevant landing page then it is highly likely they will click off the site before reaching or finding that page.

PPC Junkies work extremely hard to improve your CTR and increase the number of daily traffic hits but we cannot guarantee that the traffic will turn into conversions. Some of our clients request that we don't concentrate on increasing CTR but instead ensure that the cost of the campaign is covered by the number of conversions, although we can try we cannot guarantee anything as it is not our aim.