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Usually with PPC campaigns the answer to your questions on how to rank higher will be to throw more money at it. However, PPC Junkies know better than this and we understand what is required to have a successful campaign.

Quality Score is a tool that Google uses to rank the relevance of your keywords against many different factors, including your ad text and the user's search query. To put it simply, a good quality score is required to then have a low cost per click and a high ad position.

Google relies it's business on relevancy and so your ad text and keywords must be relevant to a users search query in order for the ad to show, and if it is shown, to be ranked high.

Here are some factors that affect Quality Score on Google's search network;

  • The CTR of the individual keyword
  • The CTR of every keyword and ad in your account
  • Relevancy of the keywords to the ads
  • Relevancy of the landing pages to the keyword

Your quality score will increase the more clicks your keywords receive, and the more clicks each ad group receives.

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