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Every PPC project requires a list of words or phrases which are search terms relating to the topic or content of a website, these are known as keywords.

It is vital to use good keywords to ensure that your campaign reaches the highest CTR possible. PPC Junkies will perform a keyword analysis at the start of your project to assess the topic and market of your website and then create a list of keywords which we feel are specific and relevant for you. Once this list has been approved by yourselves and the campaign created, we will continue to search for keywords that would be valuable for your campaign.

Using irrelevant or 'bad' keywords can hugely disadvantage your campaign by bringing down your Quality Score and therefore increasing your cost per clicks. Also, it's obvious that if you do not have the correct keywords selected then you will not receive clicks, or more importantly any conversions.

One major benefit of using PPC is that there is no limit to the number of keywords that you can add to your campaign. You are able to add as many keywords and variations as you can think of, just be careful to arrange them properly on the campaign so that the really good ones don't get mixed up with low impression keywords.