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A successful PPC (pay per click) advertising campaign can make all the difference to a business. With the right PPC training they see an increase in click through rates (CTR) as well as a great return on investment when those clicks are turned into sales. But there are some important elements that a PPC campaign must include.

What Are The Most Important Features Of A PPC Campaign?

Before you start firing up your Google AdWords interface, you should know that there are four main elements that no pay per click ad campaign should be without. If you have good PPC training, you'll already know the basics, but for newcomers here's a handy guide to these key features:

  • Goals – Without a clear goal, your campaign will be aimless and you won't see the results you desire. Do you want to generate leads for your business? Are you trying to create awareness for your brand? Without knowing the purpose of your campaign, your advertising push could well fall on its head!
  • Keywords – Keywords are essential in PPC advertising. Finding the right relevant, targeted keywords will ensure your advert will show up where you want it to. Keyword match types differ. For example, a broad keyword match will have more traffic, but a more specific keyword will be more relevant to a user's search. Having a strong mixture of broad, long-tail and negative keywords will strengthen your campaign. Contact us to learn more.
  • Strong Ad Copy – Even with the right goals and strong keywords, your ad won't attract potential customers with bad copy. Each of your ads should include strong, engaging language as well as a call to action and your unique selling point. For example, an advert for electric guitars might read:

“Buy your electric guitar and start playing today! Next day delivery when you buy online."

  • Landing Pages – So you've got all the right elements so far, but even the best adverts won't improve your conversion rates if your landing pages aren't up to scratch. Your online store is responsible for the merchandising, layout and selling of your products. As such, you need your landing pages to be as strong as possible. Your landing page should be relevant to your ad, it should contain call to actions and incentives to buy and be laid out in an attractive way. Remember to include conversion tracking for your site; without it you can't accurately measure if your campaign has been a success.

If your ad campaign contains all these elements, then you should see your CTR increase as well as seeing a brilliant return on your investment!

Need PPC Training? Call PPC Junkies!

Do you feel like you need some expert PPC training to help you understand all you need to know about creating the best PPC ad campaigns? Then contact PPC Junkies today!

Every Monday from 10am-4pm, we run comprehensive PPC training courses specifically structured to help you gain full control of your ad campaign. Our staff are all experts in the world of PPC, so you can be assured you're learning from the very best! Email us at today to secure your place on the next course.