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PPC, Pay per click advertising, is a very effective means of getting good traffic to your website, unlike other aspects of SEM, Search Engine Marketing, it gives you good trackable data that you can use to refine a campaign to your own requirements.

But how do you know that you're going about it the right way? The downside of being able to get your hands on mega amounts of data is that it can be very hard to sort through it and figure out what you need to know at any particular time.

Beat PPC confusion with a PPC training course!

Our PPC training courses are designed to give novices the knowledge they need to run effective PPC campaigns, beginning with the aims and objectives of the campaigns to the detailed investigation into results and reports that will let you know which campaigns are worth the effort and which are draining resource without giving you any meaningful ROI. There are four major parts of any PPC campaign: Planning, Setup, Operation, Refinement and PPC Junkies training course concentrates on each in turn to ensure that you leave us with a step by step guide to use as a foundation of your Adwords campaign.

Planning you PPC Campaign

Planning in PPC is highly important, deciding upon a target for the campaign, a conversion if you will. Business values should be assigned to each conversion, to ensure that you can accurately track performance and profitability. If your objective is phone enquiries then plan for a phone number extension, or make sure you can track the data coming from your website. If you have an eCommerce business, then ensure you can track sales values.

Set up of the Adwords Campaign

The PPC training covers the process of setting up the campaign using the Adwords interface as well as the Google Adwords Editor software. Time spent in careful set up is time well spent as a mistake here can be costly. A low budget of £50 a day might not seem a lot but over a month that is £1,500 – an amount your accounts team will definitely miss!

Operation: day to day running of PPC

The day to day running of a PPC campaign is essential to avoid overspend and wasted clicks. PPC Junkies' training will give you a daily checklist to ensure that you campaign will not become a drain on your time, and as the campaign becomes more refined you will be able to spend less time fixing and more time in the fourth stage of PPC: refinement.

Refining PPC, more clicks, more conversions, less costs

PPC campaign refinement is the process of taking opportunities and evaluating wastage. The process is straightforward but care must be taken here too, it is all too easy for an overzealous account manager to reduce budgets and strip away clicks that are not associated, but contributed to conversions. Refinement also lets you see where a campaign may be a dead horse that you can avoid flogging, and move the resources that campaign took on a different campaign that will bring greater returns.

If this sounds like the knowledge you need to make PPC work for you, then contact PPC Junkies on 0845 373 0595