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What are mobile PPC campaigns?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an online advertising model that sees you pay for the number of times that potential customers click on your advertisement. The major benefit of this type of campaign is that you'll only be paying for actual visits to your website – making it a much better way to get people to visit your site in the short term. By setting up a mobile PPC campaign via Google Adwords, your company will appear in the sponsored search listings when people browse related keywords on their phones – increasing your brand's visibility exponentially.

Even if you're aware of PPC, by implementing it for your desktop website for quite some time, you can now transfer those strategies to your mobile website to take advantage of the ever-growing amount of users. By setting up a separate, more tailored mobile advertising campaign, you can take advantage of the different needs and expectations that different devices demand. We at PPC Junkies can advise you can the best strategies for each and every PPC campaign, be they for desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Why Should I Use Adwords For Mobile Advertising?

Implementing a successful mobile search marketing campaign will mean that your communications will reach users no matter where they are. By harnessing the power of search engine marketing, your brand, product or solution will appear in the listings of a search as an exact solution to what your customers are looking for.

The vast majority of mobile phones sold in Western Europe and North America are smartphones – mobile devices that are able to connect to the internet at rapid speeds. The usage of smartphones and tablets to browse the internet have now outstripped that of traditional desktop computers and thanks to their obvious abilities to be taken anywhere and with constant improving connectivity speeds, that number can only continue to rise – in 2016 mobile devices accounted for 51% of online sales, highlighting the confidence in customers to shop via mobile.

As mobile devices continue to improve, so will the number of people who use the devices, which for online brands makes it more vital than ever to get themselves established now. Think of it like getting a foot in the door; the room in which it leads to may get crowded with similar services to yours, each of them looking for attention. By establishing your brand now, you will be in a great position to have long-term success by driving users to your mobile website first, before any of your competitors.

The Benefits of Mobile PPC

Aside from improving the click-through rates of your website, here's some other ways mobile PPC can improve your brand online:

  • Retargeting. Another aspect of a PPC campaign is remarketing, which can see you target browsers who have already visited your mobile website, to re-visit and complete a purchase. By using a code in Google Adwords you can identify, through the usage of cookies, visitors who browsed your website, were interested in a product (either by clicking on it, or through the time they spent on the page) but didn't complete their purchase. This information can be used to create a new advert that may offer these visitors an incentive to return and complete their purchase.
  • Tailored targeting. PPC gives brands a great opportunity to target a specific group of people at a specific time, with a specific ad. For example; if you're a retailer who is selling a line of products related to the release of a certain film, you are able to target people who may be interested in those items, thanks to the information they search for, or what's stored in their cookies.
  • Managed Budget. One of the other great advantages of PPC is that users can effectively manage their budgets and get the maximum out of their campaigns, without the threat of overspending. Other types of online advertising campaigns may charge for the length of time or even just how many impressions the advert has on a website – PPC only charges for the amount of clicks, which allows for a pre-set budget to be put in place.
  • Gauging Other Advertising Options. Many people who visit your website, be it from a search engine, or more specifically, through a PPC advert will enter in a keyword to find it. Those keyword(s) should be taken note of and when you're ready to create or refresh the content on your website, those keywords should be implemented. Not only will you be aware of fresh ideas for future PPC ad campaigns, but you'll also be able to use the keywords for other types of online advertising, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) too.

How Do I Get Started With My Mobile PPC Campaign?

If you're already undertaking a PPC campaign on your desktop website, then tailoring one for your mobile website is a must. With the smaller screen space available on smartphones, this will leave less room to display PPC ads on a single page and thus increases the competition to get your ad noticed. Statistics show that the top two ads receive 90% of click-throughs – whilst the rest are hardly noticed at all.

Here at PPC Junkies, we can help you to rise above that competition and maximise the ROI (Return On Investment) from your mobile PPC campaign. By using sophisticated analysis and monitoring of your PPC account, we are able to help you to reduce your CPC (Cost-Per-Click) rate and still increase your visibility within a search. We also constantly monitor your results and reapply the data so that you are able to maximise your set budget for the campaign.

PPC Mobile Campaigns By PPC Junkies

If you would like further information and expert advice on how to maximise the ROI from your PPC mobile campaign – get in touch with PPC Junkies today. You can give us a call on 0845 373 0596 or e-mail us at