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Why Choose PPC Junkies?

Using our in depth knowledge of AdWords and the inner workings of Quality Score PPC Junkies can ensure that you get the best possible "bang for your buck" by increasing Click Through Rates, lowering Cost Per Acquisition and increasing Return on Investment.

We've been able to increase click through rates from 35-60% for existing AdWords users, even those who've previously used well-known PPC agencies to manage their campaigns.

If you're new to AdWords, our Google Qualified Professionals can get you up and running in a matter of weeks depending on the size of your campaign. This means putting your products and services in front of a wider audience of users interested in what you have to offer.

Contact Us now for all your Pay Per Click needs.

“Tucana Investment Property previously worked with a PPC management company but had little success, so we needed to be cautious when trying to find another one. However, after speaking to PPC Junkies we were instantly reassured and confident that they could improve our ROI and help to increase conversions. Since PPC Junkies have set up the campaign we have seen a dramatic rise in traffic and sales. Equally, they have more than doubled our CTR compared to our previous campaigns. PPC Junkies were extremely informative and professional - they certainly know what they are talking about when it comes to Pay Per Click.„