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2017 saw a change in the way in which Google displayed their ads. Instead of the previous four options available, there are now just two – which help to make for a better-optimised advertising process for webmarketers. These options (Optimise Ads and Rotate Indefinitely) take advantage of machine learning in order to present ads that are more likely to perform better against Google's best-practice algorithm. Saving much time on behalf of the user will likely mean that more of their ads will be competing in the bidding war over thoseall-important keyword slots – battles that a PPC agency can help to tip the balance in.

From A PPC Agency: How Does Google Pick Which Ads To Display In A Keyword Search?

The key thing to remember is that Google is a service for both the everyday browser and the businesses who pay to use them. As such, it wants to display relevant and informative search results for the users, matching them with websites that can give them exactly what they're searching for. This also works to match the website with an audience who is more likely to purchase what they have to sell, making their outlay to Google worthwhile.

Whenever an individual or PPC agency uses Google AdWords to create their ads, the two options they are presented with will display the best ads in applicable Ad Groups that are expected by the machine learning process to perform the best (known as Optimise (rotated) Ads) or else the ads will be Rotated Indefinitely. This option allows for each ad in a particular group to be rotated around evenly (as opposed to the 'best' one being displayed more).

If the ads aren't optimised or evenly rotated, then the system will rotate the different ads from the group and choose which one will enter the auction for advertising space. When it's the chosen ad's turn it will automatically enter whichever auction is happening at that moment – so a worse-performing ad will get chosen in that competitive auction for as long as it's running.

AdWords' machine learning will take a plethora of aspects into account when predicting the performance of an ad – the best-performing ones will give the marketer (and Google) the higher click-through-rate; hence the want to place the better ads in better positions of a keyword search. Some of these aspects could be the user's particular query/location/device, the historical performance of the ad and the factors which could potentially affect the visibility of the ad (such as its extensions and position). As you can no doubt imagine, it's unlikely that a poorly-optimised ad will be able to compete – creating industry-standard ads that can compete for the best keywords, is what a professional PPC agency is adept at.

Why Choose A PPC Agency?

Aside from gaining positive results in regards to your online advertising, a PPC agency can help your business to:

  • Save time . Setting up even the most simple of Google AdWords campaigns takes much time; not only do you need to understand the program and be able to create attractive advertising copy, you'll also need to set time aside to research those all-important keywords. Being the search terms that draws users to your ads, being able to identify the right keywords is simply crucial to your campaign.

    Wait, there's more...that was only the set-up of the campaign. Once it's up-and-running, you'll need to take more time out to manage and monitor the performance of your campaign. Which ads are working the best? How can you maximise their performance? How can you tailor under-performing ones to bring in an increased amount of clicks and conversions? Undertaking such work takes time, every single day, every week – and if you aren't adept with AdWords, it will take even longer. Specialist PPC experts can eliminate the time you and your staff need to spend on undertaking such a campaign, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your work that may otherwise have been put to one side.

  • Save money . You know the saying; time is money. However, it isn't just the time factor that makes a PPC campaign financially draining – an ineffective campaign set-up will also rack up the costs too. By making use of PPC experts, you'll be able to create more-effective advertising campaigns that would utilise your budget in all the right places.

  • Produces Better Results . The job of a PPC agency is very much like any client-based service; it exists to spend low and receive high – in other words, any competent agency will be able to use your advertising budget to bring in an increased amount of visitors, enquires, even conversions to your website. By taking the time to understand your service and how much the average (new) customer spends with your service, they can run tests on how much it costs to bring in a new customer through your ads – known as Cost Per Action (CPA). By utilising a better-honed PPC campaign, the aim will be to reduce that CPA, meaning you'll ideally be gaining new customers for less of an outlay – producing better results as well as saving money.

  • Keep Up With The Changes . As we've already covered in this blog; Google's AdWords is constantly evolving. Whilst it's easy enough to keep up with the major changes to the platform when they come about, it's likely that in a bid to improve their platforms for their users, Google will allow other, smaller changes to occur throughout the year, requiring the need for advertisers to keep on top of them as they happen. As their primary business, a PPC agency will be well aware of these constant changes and will be on hand to treat with them in their ongoing work for their clients – optimising the ads they run to abide by Google's best practices, strengthening the chances of the ads gaining a better foothold in their auctions.

Need To Learn More About Google AdWords And PPC In General? Get In Touch With The Experts

If you're looking to improve the effectiveness of your online ads, why not get in touch with the experts here at PPC Junkies? Our online marketing experts have a long and varied experience in using Google AdWords to help to establish or improve the click-through and conversion rates for our clients. As a Google-affiliated PPC agency, we are constantly improving our services; shaping them to meet the demands of the fast-changing internet world that we inhabit – as a result, the ads we create alongside our clients help them to continue to gain the results that they desire.

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